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Real Elderberry 50mg magnesium


Healthy Bones

Magnesium is essential to bone formation and density, especially as we age. It also helps regulate the distribution of important bone-building nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.2

Heart Support

One of magnesium's most important functions is helping the heart maintain a healthy rhythm. It also helps maintain blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels.3

Fortified Immune Health

Studies have shown that magnesium plays a pivotal role in maintaining intracellular health and helps stimulate the production of antibodies to ward off harmful pathogens.4

Stress, Sleep, and Mood

Magnesium isn't just good for your physical health; it's essential for your mental wellbeing too. Your stress levels, mood, and sleep quality are all deeply linked to magnesium. 

For example, magnesium helps regulate our stress-response systems — one of the reasons people with low magnesium often report experiencing heightened stress. It also increases levels of GABAa neurochemical that encourages deep sleep and relaxation. 

Studies conducted with supplemental magnesium show a positive correlation with improved sleep, reduced stress, and greater calm.5, 6